Jannai, 11 days new ♥ It is the first time ever I have had parents show up 40 minutes early which is extra amazing considering all the road closures for the Sydney Marathon.

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George at 18 days!

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You just gotta love a proud dad with his beautiful newborn girl!

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I have been trying to pick a photo for a large print at the entrance to my studio. I wanted to use one of my smiling baby shots however I couldn't settle on a single favourite. So here it is - 66x26in of happiness for my studio ♥

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Just did the first session at my new studio! I am elated with my new found freedom! There was no way I could do a dark set up like this at my home studio. Well not with complicated photoshopping involved!! And this little guy Levi was such a champion. At 6 days he rocked his session! His mum and dad are so in love with him. Such a happy family ♥

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It is official!! I am moving into my office / studio this week!!! Just got the keys this morning. I am utterly excited about the all the changes coming to Newborn Photography by Jade! It's big move for me and I am still pitching myself that after just over a year in business I have my own studio. It will give me so much more freedom and flexiblity in my photoshoots. It will be awesome!!!

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Just a few of my favourite Sydney Newborn Baby images for August. Can't believe this rug has been sitting in the storage for over 2 months!!! It is now my favourite boy rug! Along with a stunningly gorgeous newborn boy of course!!

Newborn Baby lying on rug

Oliver - 12 days old!

Image of Oliver - 12 day old Newborn Baby


Yoshah. Such a cute little man!

Yoshah - Newborn Baby


Stunning Amelia & Scarlett

Sydney Newborns Amelia & Scarlett


This is what happened after he drifted off to sleep. Don't you just love him!!

Photo of baby going to sleep and smiling

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Ready for some Sunday night cuteness! Working on this set of gorgeous twins gallery!

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It seems to be a season for twins lately! Willow and Faith are just gorgeous! Since I first did the pose in the first image below with a set of twins back in January I just had to do it again but this time with this stunning mum!

Twins lying down with mum

Closeup of twins in pink

Twins in pink

Twins lying down on blue blanket

Gorgeous twins lying down together

Twins in basket

Twins lying together with headbands

Twins lying with older sister

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Here are a few of my favourite newborn baby photography images for April 2012! I hope you like them! I have included images that have had some of the best feedback on Facebook as well as a couple that I just adore myself.

10 day old newborn and 16 month old both looking at the camera and both smiling! How precious is this! PLUS what a pair of handsome boys!!

One of the most beautiful pictures I have ever ever ever EVER seen!
Perfecto!!!! Mission impossible and you did it Jade! Mum and Dad better love it!!!
Love your work, this is absolutely adorable :)

It's truly perfect. Thank you for sharing your unbelievable talent.
I loooove the layering of textures in this Jade- very clever. It works so well!

I wish they had a "love" button rather than just like.... Love the basket too...


I love it when clients bring in their own things to use as props :) Love this hat Dominic's mum brought!!

Super cute babe, stunning colored beanie, gorgeous blanket = amazing pic!
So beautiful!

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